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Nero Prints is a family and veteran owned print company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Started in 2015 and named after our kindhearted and loyal Neopolitan Mastiff who unfortunately passed just before we opened up shop. We decided a good way to honor our Nero’s memory would be providing our customers with the same level of warmth and service they would receive from a best friend or family member.

Having been open for 5+ years and doing business in the valley for over 25, we’ve learned that our company is only as strong as the relationships that we are able to forge with those around us. Using quality materials and an experienced staff we are equipped to help our customers tackle any print need they may have. Thanks for choosing Nero Prints, we look forward to working with you.



“I have worked exclusively with Brandon Campbell over the years to create custom pieces for myself as well as for a non-profit. I love that Brandon ALWAYS answers when I call or text to discuss new projects. He keeps me informed all the way through the process. Just today, I was informed that my sweatshirts and t-shirts will be delivered tomorrow. He has previously helped me with custom design (when it was for a special engagement and I needed more help than I was capable of). He can help bring an idea to concept on apparel like no other. He sends over estimates so I am aware of my up front cost, and has delivered all of my items on schedule if not ahead of schedule. I cannot say enough good things about Nero Prints and Brandon. I’ve had issues with other companies being responsive and proactive, and I am relieved that this is NOT something I have to worry about with him. He is truly the best, and I love working with him.”

Kendal Macumber

“I have used Nero Prints since 2015, on multiple shirt projects for personal and for work when I was at Fox Restaurant Concepts. Nero helped us turn around shirts for Blanco almost immediately so we could get them on time for our event. The quality of the print and color has always been incredible. Everyone has always been so satisfied and happy with the shirts once we received them! Price point is very affordable for the quality or print/shirts/turnaround time. Nero is always my go to when I need shirts done. I typically work with Brandon and Nick and they both do a wonderful job! I highly recommend this place, you will not be disappointed!”

Julianna Steckler

Nero Prints was very helpful, had a super quick turn-around and was inexpensive. I’d definitely use them again for screen printing!

Charlene Ruff




Category: SIGNAGE

Yes! You will not have to buy anything to put together your tent, or to assemble your banner stand or flag. Some items even have different hardware options for various install methods, such as flags that have either ground stakes, cross or square base.

Category: SIGNAGE

When storing, it is best to keep flat with both sides protected from scratching. Make sure the surface the magnet is being applied to is clean and free of any water, dirt, or wax. Cleaning the surface and the magnet itself every so often will be helpful in extending the life as well.

Category: SIGNAGE

Rule Number 1: Avoid folding wherever possible. It is better to roll your banner to avoid visible creases. If there is a dirt or scuffs needing to be cleaned, use a mild soap solution, and avoid scrubbing too aggressively. Be gentle, and the sign will last as long as you need it to.

Category: SIGNAGE

Things to consider when designing or having a sign designed are placement, size, colors and what the customer will see. Your sign should be clear and concise in the information it conveys. You want the image/words to be large enough to read easily and maximize the space, without crowding.

Category: SIGNAGE

Signs are one of the most economical, effective, and efficient advertising tool a business can invest in. A sign is your introduction and handshake with those passing by, identifying your business to existing and potential customers. 24/7, your signage will leave an impactful impression on your customers.